Man how annoying

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Man how annoying

Postby MiG » Sat Dec 29, 2007 9:55 pm

I just read a few old FF issues that Mr Davis graced with his beautiful art, the ones where FF comes back from the pocket universe Franklin created after the Onslaught cross over. These issues are counted among my absolute favorite FF issues ever, Mr Davis's style is so clean and tight that it's almost spooky. Absolutely wonderful stuff, comic art at its best IMO. And then I read the following issues where Mr Davis takes leave of FF and is replaced by a much lesser artist. Seeing how the story and art just makes a U- turn like that ( story too since Claremont took over the reins after Lobdell ) made me really irritated. I even sat and compared the dialog along with the artwork and man, talk about going down the drain. First you get Mr Davis flawless artwork, marveling at all the beauty drawn on each page and then you get hammered by ( sorry to say ) almost amateurish stuff and the same goes for the story. But I guess that's just how it is in the comic book industry. If I could have my way I'd rather have Mr Davis draw everything in the business :wink:

Anyway, needed to vent a little, sorry about the rant

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