Question about Djinn

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Question about Djinn

Postby Michael P » Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:29 am

Hi Alan,

I love your work, especially Excalibur, and have recently become a fan of Clandestine. I do have a question regarding Adam and the Djinn mating...

The children have been born off and on over the centuries, but the Djinn is never around. They obviously have to have "relations" every so often, do they not? Does she get pregnant, leave and come back and drop of the newest kid and/or is magick involved? Is this something that has been explained before, will be explained in this new mini or is it just something that will remain part of their mysterious past? I hope this isn't too off the wall.

Thanks again

P.S. Satyr-nun of Ethera looks very much like Anjulie from the world Excalibur visited in issue #16, was this intentional and is this supposed to be that same Earth or just one very similar? EDIT: You answered this one in another thread, but I still think its interesting. I never knew Anjulie was an alternate Saturnyne...even though I always suspected it.
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