Excalibur Re-union: Where are they now? (April 2008)

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Excalibur Re-union: Where are they now? (April 2008)

Postby HardBoiledHenry » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:54 pm

Would it be possible for Excalibur to reunite without the help of an alternate reality glue-concept to bind everyone back? Based on the summary of where the characters were last seen (below), do you think it's possible for the original team to reunite? Probably not, eh? It's nice to dream, though.

Capt Britian - In the recent May 2008 Solicitations, a new series written by Paul Cornell will feature Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom and other British superheroes working for MI: 13. The first few issues tie into the Secret Invasion crossover.

Meggan - When reality was restored, only a few remembered what had gone on during the House of M. Captain Britain and the others were one of the many who didn't, having only vague memories of the ordeal and believing it to be a dream. As a result, Britain doesn't know about Meggan's sacrifice and has no idea where she is, leaving him in distress.

Rachel - After the death of Corsair at the hands of Vulcan, she, along with Havok, Polaris, Korvus, Ch'od and Raza become the new Starjammers, electing to remain in Shi'ar space and restore Lilandra to the throne.

Nightcrawler - Still recovering from his injuries, Kurt is travelling Europe along with Wolverine and Colossus.

Shadowcat - In Uncanny X-Men #496 it is mentioned Colossus has recently lost the woman he loves. Colossus says that his parents, his sister, and Katya (Kitty) are all things that being an X-Man has cost him.[5] No explanation has been given for the character's disappearance and it is currently unknown if Kitty is either dead or missing.

Cerise - Cerise recently appeared in Annihilation as a member of the Graces.

Feron - He discovered the Crazy Gang, former enemies of Excalibur, who were just burying one of their own: the Executioner. The Executioner was a robot, completely hidden in green robes, who wielded an axe. Feron stole the robes and the axe and posed as the Executioner to the Crazy Gang, turning them against Excalibur again. They invaded Captain Britain's bachelor party, but when Feron was unmasked, he and Excalibur settle their differences. Everyone attends the wedding. Excalibur was disbanded shortly afterwards and Feron hasn't been seen since.

Kylun - Finally locating his parents, Kylun left Excalibur to move back in with them. He later attended the Otherworld wedding of his teammates Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) and Meggan.

Widget - At the very end of the four-part limited series Excalibur: Sword of Power, Widget was seen with Kang the Conqueror, observing events from space. Apparently, Kang had orchestrated the events shown in the limited series, but it is not revealed exactly why Widget was with him.

Micromax - He becomes involved in a battle with X-Force & the surviving original X-Men over the fate of the '198', a group of mutants being forcibly detained on the grounds of the X-Mansion. During the fight he is stabbed in the chest by Shatterstar. The 198 escape. He receives medical attention and survives the attack. Micromax has also been shown to be working with a group of vigilantes, called the Vanguard.

Lockheed - Lockheed attempts to help the X-Men stop the Hulk when he attacks in World War Hulk. Like the other X-Men, he is defeated.
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