Savage Hulk Questions

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Savage Hulk Questions

Postby ajimendez » Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:20 am

Mr. Alan,

First and foremost, Id like to tell you that I follow your work for years, and as artist you always portrayed the emotions behind the characters and at the same time you are able to translate in the pages the dinamic of his movements, what I always found exceptionally well done in your fight scenes. I really love your work as creator, but as artist you are the best!

Id like to ask a question about Savage Hulk #2

There is a scene in that Issue, with Jean guiding Cyclops to blast the Brachial Plexus of Abomination in order to make him release Angel. In my point of view that scene seems like Cyclops optic blast penetrate through the skin of Abomination to find its way to the nerve, because the muscles between the blast and its target are so big to allow the blast reach to its target without penetrate the skin and the muscles. But others may think that it was a pressure point-like attack. Theres only one guy on Earth that is able to solve that question, and is the great Alan Davis.

What was the meaning of that scene?
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Re: Savage Hulk Questions

Postby Alan Davis » Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:11 pm

Many thanks for your kind words, ajimendez.
I imagined Cyclops' blast would work as a high power 'nerve pinch' rather than penetrating the Abomination's skin/flesh. The force of the blast compressing the muscle and sinew around the nerve to temporarily numb it.
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