Excalibur #2 query

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Excalibur #2 query

Postby jrnewto » Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:15 am

During your Excalibur series (issue #2) a gutted-out ruin called Gateway Technologies was built right near Loch Daemon, the stone structure Brian Braddock was chased to by terrorist Joshua Stragg where he first encountered Merlin and Roma.

Stragg oddly enough was called the "Reaver"!

If you'd had the opportunity to address this in your run on Excalibur what would you have revealed the purpose of Gateway Technologies to be and would you have explained a connection between this company and the character Gateway from Chris's Australian Outback town that Roma relocated the X-Men to, another site also terrorised by “Reavers", given we've got a "Gateway" and a "Reaver" at two separate parts of Earth. And in both places, Roma is there, not only taking an interest but influencing events?
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