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Postby ronaldweasley » Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:37 am

Hello, this is not a question, but more of a comment. Or a series of them. I've been looking over your inspirations and am pretty impressed by the quality of work in these comics. Frank Bellamy in particular is superb. I miss the days of quality art work in comics. Or in general. These days it seems as if non-artists are the ones doing all the artwork one sees. There isn't anything impressive about someone putting together a comic using photoshop. Or a book cover, for that matter. I would hate it if one day real art died out completely to be replaced by computer generated gobbledegook.

But anyway, Mr. Davis, your inspirations are first rate and I am sure they have helped shape your art. Your artwork has always stood out, and you seem to strive for quality, not only in the human form but in the differences in facial features from person to person and in their expressions. In fact, your mastery over faces and moods has really impressed me from the first. Not to mention the exquisite detail you pack panels with. And lets not forget your far-ranging design sense from alternate versions of familiar characters to alien life forms.

Thanks for your excellent comics, and for inspiring those of us who are artists in our own right.
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Re: Inspirations

Postby Alan Davis » Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:56 pm

Thank you for the kind words, Ronald.
It may seem like splitting semantic hairs but I’ve never thought of myself as an ‘artist’. I’m a storyteller, writer-illustrator, entertainer. To my way of thinking art or artist are terms to be applied when a creator or creation has achieved a standard of excellence. The artists (each deserving that title of excellence) featured in the ‘Inspiration’ section of my website are just a few of the comic creators who may not be familiar to a modern audience. There are many many others like, Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, Jim Aparo, Nestor Redondo, John Buscema, Barry Smith... to name just a few.

Computer generated gobbledegook! As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this Forum, while I am happy to see digital processes used in the creation of comics I believe many who use them (particularly colourists) are technicians, some of whom call themselves artists because they have mastered a semi-automated process that, while capable of being used creatively, often merely adds a layer of programmed polish. The antithesis of creativity-- The visual equivalent of elevator music.

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