PLEASE READ! Rules and Regulations


PLEASE READ! Rules and Regulations

Postby Matt Platis » Sat Jul 23, 2005 10:48 pm

Welcome to the Official Alan Davis Forum!

I have just a few ground rules that I am sure everyone here will have no problem following.

1) Personal Conduct.
I created this web site as a fun and easy way to talk about Alan Davis and have the opportunity to speak to him himself. I did not make this site intended to make a profit, I did this out of my love for Alan's work, where other comic fans can get together and talk about the art and writing that we love so much. As a member of this board, I expect nothing but the best behavior out of those that wish to be a part of it. I expect all of us, regardless of our age, gender, ethnicity or standing in this life, to behave as adults. Sure it’s okay to have fun, it’s even okay to tease one and other, that’s what makes life fun, but use common sense.

2) Rudeness and Hostility.
I don’t expect us to all agree or even get along, but I do expect us all to RESPECT each other. There’s much that we can learn from each other and our differences in opinions, that’s one of the reasons this site is here. But, lack of respect towards other members will result in immediate disciplinary action.

3) Behavior Towards Alan and other Professionals.
Alan is here out the kindness of his heart and I fully expect that you treat him with the greatest of respect. This board may attract other comic professionals that could post from time to time and I expect that they are treated the same. They take away time from their busy schedule to come here to answers your questions and mingle with us, so be kind! Rudeness to a working pro will be met with IMMEDIATE banning.

4) Behavior Towards Moderator(s).
I am not getting paid to do this site, I have a busy job and family. Because I am volunteering to do this, I expect that you are patient with me. There may be a time where I ask posters of this board to help me out (if the board grows or I become lazy :) ) to moderate this board. Rule #3 applies to them also.

5) Gratuitous or Inappropriate Language
There may be underage kids that visit this site so I want it to be accessible for them. Although I have language filters in place, there are always ways around them. If I catch you finding your way around it, you will find yourself banned. Simple as that. I will issue warnings but I also hold the right to ban anyone immediately if warranted.

6) Gratuitous or Inappropriate Images
Be sensitive to the fact that there are ladies on this board as well as minors. Watch what you post! If you are unsure if you should post an image, don't. Feel free to e-mail me and I will review it ahead of time.

7) Inappropriate Threads
Where deemed appropriate, threads that are identified as being not in the best interests of the board may be closed/removed/locked. If you have a question about a thread before posting, please feel free me.

8 ) Libelous Content/Misinformation
While members are entitled to their respective opinions about matters discussed on the site, anything deemed libelous or as misinformation with regard to creators, companies, private individuals that are members of this board will not be tolerated.

9) Imitators, Trolls and Sock Puppets
Pretending to be someone you’re not, especially a working professional will be met with banning. If you have been previously banned, you DO NOT get to come back. If you can't follow the rules the first time, I will not take a chance again. If all you do is complain without adding anything positive to this board, you will be gone. If I find that you have 2 or more accounts, I will delete both and blacklist you.

10) Stalking.
Stalking of other posters across threads or by harassment, private messenger or e-mail will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary measures.

11) Privacy and PM and e-mails.
Private Messages that originate from this site are considered to be just that, private. Any public replication of Private Messages without the express permission of the author will be viewed dimly. If you e-mail Alan directly or me and those e-mail are replicated on the board, your account will be terminated.

12) Warnings & Bannings.
In incidents where a members' conduct is sufficiently poor, a public or private warning will be issued or depending on the nature of the conduct, a bar warning will be applied to that members name. If conduct remains poor or does not improve, that member will be banned. It is my discretion in how I discipline the members of this board. I hope that this won't even happen but I hold little patience for those that cannot follow the rules.

13) Be Active!
What makes a board successful and fun is being involved. If you have any comments about the board, please share them with me. If you have issues with other posters, contact me by PM or e-mail. I want this to be a place that is fun for everyone.

When it comes to reviewing comics and art, I do ask that you be respectful. There is such thing as "constructive criticism" but there is something as just being a jerk! Be open minded and have fun!


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