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Captain Britain Recreation

Postby ImagesDegrading » Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:10 pm

Hi everyone!

I hope this is the right place to post this - sorry if it is not!

My name is Robin and I have been trying to learn to draw for a while

My latest project is an attempt to recreate some of Alan Davis's fantastic Captain Britain, which has always meant something special to me!

It is probably one of the most difficult things I have attempted, Alan's detail and art is unbelievably stunning

I have chosen Captain Britain Volume 2, Number 1, as printed by Marvel UK in Black and white "Myth, memory and legend" which is called "Pictures,puzzles & pawns" in any reprint I have ever seen!

I chose this as it not only covers Caps origins and motivations (from his own lips "It's the peer and glory singing in my veins") but also covers all of Caps continuity up to that point!

I thought this could be a good chance for everyone to share their memories of this story and of Caps history!

So will it be okay to share some of my attempts here for you all to see?

Please just let me know

If it is okay, I may need some help - as the images are too big for simple insertion via [img] /[img]


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