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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby Paulo Pereira » Thu Sep 21, 2006 4:30 pm

1) What is your [i]real name? (c'mon, you have nothing to hide!)[/i]

Paulo Pereira

2) Where you from?

Born in India but grew up in Yonkers, NY.

3) How old are you?


4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?

The Excalibur run that Alan wrote and drew (the run beginning with #42), particularly the first several issues. Those were just ...sublime. Hawd Boiled Henwy, Kylun, Cerise, just incredible entertainment, the whole run. The most fun I ever had reading comics.

5) What was your first comic?

Not sure, some Firestorm comic that I'm not sure I even read. The first comic I read was the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #1.

6) Anything else we should know about you? :D

I was a visitor to Ryan Bedard's site before it was shut down. Nice to see at least a few regulars from that site here; Ilke (and his updates!) and of course Robin and Elayne Riggs (who I see has listed her residence as Bronkers, NY; is that Bronx+Yonkers?) I also see a regular from the Byrne Robotics Forum here, Darren Taylor (assuming it's the same guy; both are from Scotland, anyway); Darren has posted many samples of his great art at that site. Hello to you guys and to all (not least to Mr. Davis himself).
Paulo Pereira
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Hi, My name is Edo and I'm an Alan Davis fan :-)

Postby HardBoiledHenry » Wed Oct 25, 2006 6:05 pm

1) What is your real name? - Edo

2) Where you from? - NYC

3) How old are you? - 31, been collecting since 1991

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work? - Excalibur 42. I thought this is how comic book superheroes are supposed to be drawn and written. I think his style is the definitive comicbook fashion. Anything less is ignored. 8)

5) What was your first comic? - Excalibur 42 is my intro to comicbook reading and collecting. I think this was superb story telling and art. Davis had an everlasting impression to this day. Thank you, Alan. :D

6) Anything else we should know about you? - I used to be a collector of Jim Lee, Arthur Adams, Whilce Portacio, but now, I mainly collect works by Alan Davis. I don't own any original art, but hope to someday. However, I do pick up occasional works by Chris Bachalo. :wink:
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby » Fri Nov 17, 2006 3:35 am

1) What is your real name? (c'mon, you have nothing to hide!)

An: Robert

2) Where you from?

An: New York

3) How old are you?

An: 32

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?

An: Batman : Year two

5) What was your first comic?

An: DP7 from Marvel's New Universe line back in '87

6) Anything else we should know about you? :D

An: Writer, webpage designer, *Ezine publisher, illustrator, New Yorker.
"My name–is Dash Courageous. Leader of the MorningStar Legion. Special secret combat unit empowered in 1923 by the president of the United States to protect its borders."

-Dash Courageous, Blazing! Adventures Magazine
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Postby JohnnyBoyB » Thu May 03, 2007 5:57 pm

1) My name is João.

2) I'm from Portugal.

3) I'm 28.

4) I tend to prefer mini-series to runs on ongoing series, so although Alan's second run on Excalibur was amazing, my favorites are Superboy's Legion and The Nail. I can't choose between them.

5) I don't remember very well, but I think it was Tales of the Teen Tians 1 of 4 - the origin of Cyborg. At least it is the oldest story I remember. It was brazillian translation.

6) I want to be a comic artist as well. I hope I succeed.
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Postby MiG » Thu May 03, 2007 10:57 pm

Oh, I completely missed this one

Well here goes:

Name: Michael Gullbrandson, proffessional signature MiG

Country: Sweden

Age: 34

Favorite Alan Davis work: Oh I don't know... there's so many good things he's done so it's quite hard to choose which one. I'd have to say that the issues where FF came back to the real earth after the whole Franklin thing where he created a pocket universe are among my absolute fav's. I got the impression that he loved drawing these issues, like it was something he'd been looking forward to. The atmosphere and wonderful pacing along with the superb clear drawings made it a pure delight to read and I couldn't get enough of it. Same thing with The Nail, another masterpiece. I was really mad to see that a lesser artist took over on FF at that time though, Alan Davis' art was perfection so the other artist couldn't compete in any way and I dropped the following issues.

But again, there's so many to choose from

My first comic book: The Incredible Hulk. Can't recall what issue it was but it was such a long time ago, I might've been around 5 or 6 years old. I do remember though that I got instantly hooked on super hero comics and it's been a part of me ever since.

Anything else to know about me: Well, I'm an artist, been at it for as long as I can remember ( thank God for comics which taught me everything I know ). I do a lot of fantasy work, CD/LP cover art, RPG's, books and more. You can see what I do by visiting this link which is my account at deviantART. I've got my own website as well but as of now the gallery at deviantART is the most updated and current of the two. I hope to get enough time to remedy this in the near future and get to grips with my own place.

Postby Guillermo » Wed May 30, 2007 1:47 am

After some posts here, I suppose its polite to show myself

1) What is your real name? Guillermo P. Mogorrón

2) Where you from? Madrid, Spain

3) How old are you? 28

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?
For a great artist like mr. Davis, each job is better than the last one, so I will use nostalgie. My favourite one is Excalibur 16, because I discovered Alan Davis there, in that Carter of Mars style cover. I had to buy it and from that moment I collected anything I could from Alan Davis.

5) What was your first comic? The first comic is lost in the distance of years, cant remember. But I remember the first comic that liked me so much that I felt the need to look for the next number. It was a Thor one, made by Walter Simonson, and Thor fought Hela in Hell for the souls of some humans, epic.

6) Anything else we should know about you? As others here, im an artist myself, or at least ive been able to live from what my hands make. in a good day, I can make some stuff worth to show in
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Postby Vyrt » Tue Aug 07, 2007 5:26 pm

Hi. My name is BOb and I live in Liverpool, England. I'm probably classed as an antique as I am 56 years old and still love reading comics ( I can hear the choruses of 'Get a life' already).
As for favourite Alan Davis work. I would be hard pressed to really choose one but if forced to do so I would probably say the 'Cross-time Caper' in Excalibur. If there is one thing I loved about the Davis/Claremont teamup it was the humour that came out of it.
First comic I ever read was a Batman (Bob Kane issue. Wish I still had it) I don't know the issue number but I loved it and begged my dad to get me more. That was the beginning of the end for me.
Anything else you need to know. Well I recently took early retirement from work. I'd done enough so I got out while I could. I have a 7 month old black Labrador girl named Pol (short for Polgara. Taken unashamedly from a David Eddings book. Mind you my girlfriends late Chihuahuas where called Rahne and Meggan. lol) I like to read, draw, paint, take Pol for walks and socialize with friends.
There I think that's enough to be going on with for now. If you want to know anything else just ask.
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby neling4 » Mon Sep 17, 2007 4:41 pm

Matt Platis wrote:Welcome everybody to the Alan Davis forums!

We have about 30 members now, so I thought it would be good for everyone to get to know each other.

1) What is your real name? (c'mon, you have nothing to hide!)

2) Where you from?

3) How old are you?

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?

5) What was your first comic?

6) Anything else we should know about you? :D

Vyrt alias Bob! I can't believe there is someone on this forum older than me.

1. My name is Nancy

2. I am from the state of Ohio, U.S.A.

3. I am 52!

4. I like all of his work, but I most enjoyed the Excalibur run that Mr. Davis both
drew and wrote.

5. My first comic was Uncanny X-Men #60, "In the Shadow of Sauron" It
first belonged to my older brother, but he preferred cars and he gave it
to me.

6. I am married, I have two children, also a dog and a cat. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing. I have liked the character of Nightcrawler since 1975, and I am an Alan Davis fan.
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Postby » Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:23 am

Hello all!
My name is Mike.
I'm from NJ USA
I'm 31
My first comic was a Captain America comic from the late 80s. Can't remember what number but it had Captain Britain in it.
ClanDestine is my favorite work of Mr. Davis (can't wait till February!!!)
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Postby Jason Harris » Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:31 pm

1. Real name - Jason Harris (well I was having a lot of trouble remembering my usernames for various boards so I thought I'd stick with the obvious)

2. Currently I'm living in London

3. I'm a venerable 37

4. My favourite Alan Davis work would have to be Marvelman/Miracleman because of the perfect synchronisation of art and as anyone who has seen my comicarftans gallery can testify, this is my favourite series .I'm lucky enough to own one of the original pages done by Alan

5. First comic...hmmm. I believe it was Firestorm 32 bought from a local newsagent by my grandmother to shut me up for a while. Actaully this was my first American comic, I was exposed to the Beano long before this

6 I was an engineer, but after reconsidering life I'm now a technical director for a visual effects company and have worked on the Da Vinci Code, recently finished on Roland Emmerich's 10000 BC and am now working on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I mainly do fluid simulations like fire and water and it's the most fun I've ever had working
Jason Harris
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Postby Rayeye » Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:08 pm

1) What is your real name? Robbert Graner

2) Where you from? Netherlands

3) How old are you? 26

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work? Clan Destine and his Excalibur run

5) What was your first comic? I believe it was X-Men Adventures #1

6) Anything else we should know about you? I'm a big X-comics collector and of course a big Alan Davis fan.
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Postby wonderdallas » Mon Apr 07, 2008 7:17 pm

Dallas Howell
Atlanta, GA USA
Designer/illustrator (CNN HLN)

Fave: Clandestine, Excalibur and Nail(s)

First comic: Who knows....they were around before I can remember. I definately have memories of Neal Adam's Batman.

Various things about me:

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Postby 1407graymalkin » Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:22 pm

(1) What is your real name?

James Henry

(2) Where you from?

Westport, CT (USA)

(3) How old are you?

36. I started reading and collecting comics with the Chris Claremont/Paul Smith X-Men when I was 12 in 1983.

(4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?

That's a tough call. My first experience with Alan's work was Excalibur, which I love to this day. I later discovered Captain Britain and so many other wonders by him.

(5) What was your first comic?

I "read" a lot of comics that my brother and cousins had lying around the house when I was a much younger, but my first purchase that led to a lifetime of comic reading and collecting was Uncanny X-Men #167.

(6) Anything else we should know about you?

In addition to my love of comics, I'm an avid collector of original comic art, action figures, toys and other comic-related collectibles.

Earlier this year, I purchased Mid-Ohio-Con from Roger Price and we're well underway with the planning for this year's show, which is scheduled for October 4-5.
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Postby Paul G » Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:49 pm

1) What is your real name?
Paul Greer

2) Where you from?
I live in Northeast Ohio. About 30 miles east of Cleveland.

3) How old are you?
I am 36.

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?
I'll go with Captain Brtiain, but Clandestine is a close runner up.

5) What was your first comic?
I believe it was an issue of Richie Rich Gems.

6) Anything else we should know about you?
Nah! I'm pretty boring.
Paul G
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ok my turn

Postby Jskazza » Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:53 pm

1) What is your real name? Jason Skarratt
2) Where you from? Birmingham, England

3) How old are you? 33

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work? His Uncanny X-Men work is amazing

5) What was your first comic? Was given a pile of Fantastic Four comics from the 60's off my uncle when i was little and the rest is history

6) Anything else we should know about you? Im currently a Press Photographer working on Birminghams Biggest newspaper :)
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