Introductions! Who are you?

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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby Matt Platis » Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:33 pm

Antithesis wrote:Hello, everybody!

1) My name is carlos a.s. lising;

2) I was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States. I currently reside in Painesville, Ohio, United States;

3) I am currently 40 years of age;

4) My favorite Alan Davis work was his first run on Excalibur;

5) My first comic was Fantastic Four #159 ("Havoc in the Hidden Land"). My father taught me to read using comic books; I read that issue at the tender age of five! The first comic book I actually collected, however, was Uncanny X-Men #137. After that masterpiece, I was hooked;

6) I am the creator and administrator of The Earth-009 RPG, a role-playing game based around the Marvel Universe, using the old-school Marvel Super Heroes RPG as a basis for game play. I am married and have a cat named Suzette. I am a collector of original comic art. My favorite comic characters are Shadowcat, Magik, and Phoenix (the Rachel Summers version). I would tell you more, but I'm quite sure I've now bored you all sufficiently. :)

Thanks for having me on the board!


Glad to have you aboard!
Matt Platis
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby Baboussa » Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:03 pm

1) Mouloud belaid
2) Im from Bejaia , Algeria
3) 26
4) Graphically everything , in terms of scenario clan destine and JLA Another Nail
5) Super Powers (1st Limited Series) # 5
6) I am a civil engineer, and amateur artist my deviantart
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby Chopper » Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:18 am

1. My real name is Leon Fletcher

2. Manchester, England

3. 37

4. Excalibur 1st run, love the early Captain Britain as well, but my all time favourite comic is Uncanny X-men 213.

5. I'm fairly certain it was Incredible Hulk 309, but i did get lots of other UK weekly stuff but thats the first i remember actually buying myself.

6. I'm a bit of a action figure geek, loved Marvel Legends, get some DCUC, and still love the Toybiz Lord Of The Rings figures & have tons of Orcs & Uruk Hai
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby Primex » Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:50 pm

Matt Platis wrote:Welcome everybody to the Alan Davis forums!

We have about 30 members now, so I thought it would be good for everyone to get to know each other.

1) What is your real name? (c'mon, you have nothing to hide!)

2) Where you from?

3) How old are you?

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?

5) What was your first comic?

6) Anything else we should know about you? :D

1. My first name is Will and I will jut leave it at that for now LOL.

2.Tennessee, USA.

3. 27 years old.

4. Oh wow that's a good question.I haven't had a chance to check out everything he's done but I will have to say his most recent run on Uncanny X-Men. Especially the first arch where they fought the Fury.

5. From what I remember it was several issues of spider-man and it just happened to be Kravens last hunt story line and I couldn't even read yet but I remember looking at them over and over.

6. Well I just recently ordered from my local comic shop Excalibur Visionaries Alan Davis Vol 1 & 2 and am really looking forward to getting those and then I saw vol 3 in the marvel solicitations so have to get that one too. Oh and one day hope I will be fortunate enough to get a Rachel Summers pencil sketch.
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby richyrichoh » Fri May 20, 2011 7:16 pm

1) Richard Oh
2) Los Angeles, CA
3) 28
4) X-Men Annual # 11
5) Uncanny X-Men 287
6) I collect original art work. :) You can find me at CAF here: ... GCat=21995
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby ronaldweasley » Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:54 am

1. Real Name-Sauron the Great
2. Place of residence-Royal Oak, Michigan, USA
3. Age- 42
4. Favorite work-All of it, really, but in particular Captain Britain, Excalibur, and especially ClanDestine. However, I definitely prefer the books that Mr. Davis writes himself (like when he took over writing Captain Britain and Excalibur).
5. First comic-Either the old Disney comic Scamp (based on the puppy from Lady and the Tramp), Mickey Mouse, or Hot Stuff Creepy Caves ( all are circa 1974).
6. I am a writer, illustrator, and make my own audiobooks (I do voices and accents, you see).
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby MRasheed » Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:05 pm

Good stuff!

This is probably one of the most assessable artist message boards.
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby rivs » Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:12 pm

Hi everybody!

1) My name is Jose.

2) I was born in Eibar, a little city of the Basque country in Spain.

3) I am 36 years old.

4) My favorite Alan Davis’ work is Excalibur and, of course, Clan-Destine. I have got a drawing of both teams together that can prove it (I did it sixteen years ago :) ).

5) My first comic was Transformers number 10, but I do not remember its original numbering. It was 25 years ago.

6) Actually I started drawing thanks to Alan Davis and Rumiko Takahashi (nice couple) whom I have copied to saciety. Nowadays I go on drawing as a hobby. Thanks you both!

It is a pleasure!
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby comicconuk » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:06 pm

What is your real name? Dominic

2) Where you from?


3) How old are you?


4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?

Anything Wolverine

5) What was your first comic?

Aliens Comic, plus some reprints from Nigeria (as I lived there)

6) Anything else we should know about you?

Currently run a website that lists all comic conventions and artists signings in the uk (having a revamp and adding alot of content)
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby Gerry McDade » Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:05 pm

Matt Platis wrote:1) What is your real name? (c'mon, you have nothing to hide!)

2) Where you from?

3) How old are you?

4) What is your favorite Alan Davis work?

5) What was your first comic?

6) Anything else we should know about you? :D

My real name is my user name. I have nothing to hide, people! I'm 38 and from Detroit, though I currently live in the burbs. My favorite Alan Davis work will probably always be New Mutants Annual #2, even though we get a better version of Alan Davis with each new story he writes or illustrates. The first comics I remember buying were Secret Wars #8 and New Mutants #22 - December 1st 1984. The first black spidey costume and Bill Sienkiewicz art??? Aww yeah. I had, prior to that, read just about everything my older brothers owned; all of it Marvel. What else is there to know about me? I'm a collector of issues, and I'm cautiously dipping my toes into the original art collecting pool, which is what brought me here! Be gentle!

Also, that ronweasly guy is probably a neighbor of mine!
Gerry McDade
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby Brett Harris » Mon May 26, 2014 7:20 am

G'Day fellow fans of the amazing Alan Davis !
I am...

1) Brett Harris. Yep, my ability to choose cool usernames for internet fora is pretty bad ! Having said that, I do have a blog called Comic Book Evangelist, so I suppose I can say that is my real internet name !

2) I am from Australia. I was born and bred in the industrial city of Newcastle in New South Wales and currently live on the other side of the country in Perth, Western Australia.

3) I am 41 this year, turning 42 in August. So probably way too old to be asking dumb questions on a forum site !

4) My favourite Alan Davis work is the Excalibur run he wrote and drew, issues 41-67. My all-time favourite Alan Davis issue is the all-splash page battle between Galactus and Phoenix in which we learn the true power source of the Phoenix Force. This was from, um, I think issue 61 ?
<Brett remembers he is on the internet and can check>......yep, 61.

5) My first comic ever was one my Babcia ("grandmother" in Polish) let me look at. It was an Archie comic - she learnt English words by reading Archie, Peanuts and (perhaps worryingly) Andy Capp - and I tore into it. Literally, as I was only two or three years old ! The first comic she bought for me was an Aussie reprint of a Batman comic and the first American comic I bought new from the shelf was Thor #388.

My first Alan Davis comic was X-Men Annual 11 and it was love at first sight ! The well-muscled Colossus, the tough yet vulnerable Psylocke, the never-say-die Wolverine and the hideous Horde had me reading each page again and again, in order to absorb the beauty of the art !

6) Nah, I reckon I have annoyed you all enough with my replies thus far, so will not subject you to any more of my ramblings !

Enjoy reading comics !

Brett Harris
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby sidsavage » Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:18 am

Hello all!

1) My name is Tony C.

2) I'm from the Washington DC area.

3) I'm 40

4) My favorite Alan Davis work so far is Justice League: The Nail & sequel!

5) A giant sized Superman issue

6) I'm a big collector of original artwork I have to admit.
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Re: Introductions! Who are you?

Postby Manuel Tavares » Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:19 pm


My name is Manuel Tavares.

I'm from Portugal where I was born and live.

I'm 37 years old.

My Alan Davis favourite works are his Excalibur run Excalibur #1–7, 9, 12–17, 23–24, 42–52, 54–58, 61–67 (1988–93) ; His classic Batman run on Detective Comics #569–575 (1986–87) now collected in a beautiful hardcover edition which also includes Batman: Full Circle, graphic novel (1991) and Batman: Gotham Knights (Batman Black and White) No. 25 (2002) which completes his previous; Fantastic Four: The End, miniseries, #1–6 (writer/artist, 2007); Avengers Prime, miniseries, #1–5 (2010–11); Mighty Thor #18–21 (2012).

My first Alan Davis comic book was a small format brazilian edition of Detective Comics #569 and my first comic of all time was a portuguese edition of The Amazing Spiderman #9.

I hope to see one of these days Alan Davis and Mark Farmer doing a Silver Surfer Run. :idea: :D
Manuel Tavares
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